The Workshop is directed by Gretchen Reydams-Schils (Program of Liberal Studies, with concurrent appointments in Classics, Philosophy, and Theology), and the members of its advisory group are:

Susan Collins (Political Science/Political Theory), John Fitzgerald (Theology/Early Christian Studies), Robert Goulding (Program of Liberal Studies and History and Philosophy of Science), David O'Connor (Philosophy and Classics), Hildegund Müller (Classics), and Wiebke-Marie Stock (Medieval Institute) 



Christopher Baron, Martin Bloomer, Brian KrostenkoHildegund Müller, Catherine Schlegel 

German and Russian Languages and Literatures

Vittorio G. Hösle, concurrent appointment in Philosophy


Evan Ragland

Medieval Institute

Stephen E. Gersh (Emeritus), concurrent appointment in Philosophy; Wiebke-Marie Stock (guest Research Professor)


Sean Kelsey, Therese CoryMichael Loux (Emeritus), David K. O'Connor (concurrent appointment in Classics), Kenneth Sayre (Emeritus)

Political Science (Political Theory)

Susan Collins, Patrick Deneen, Mary Keys, Catherine Heldt Zuckert (Emerita), Michael P. Zuckert

Program of Liberal Studies

Robert Goulding, Walter Nicgorski (Emeritus), Andrew Radde-Gallwitz (concurrent appointment in Theology, Gretchen Reydams-Schils (concurrent appointments in Classics, Philosophy, and Theology), Denis Robichaud


Brian Daley SJ, John Fitzgerald, Blake Leyerle, David LincicumMichael Novick, Khaled Anatolios